We are a group of men dedicated to the promotion of a strong and healthy male spirituality. We invite all men to join us on this great and mysterious journey towards a mature masculine spirituality. We affirm and support men seeking a life long connection with spiritual consciousness in order to transform themselves, and through their life experiences, their relationships, families, workplaces, communities and our environment.

Many men in today’s society struggle to find meaning and purpose in their lives. Our programmes, events and resources provide men with opportunities to do their ‘inner work’ in the company of other men. We use ritual, teaching and other ways of communicating to create safe environments where men can explore and discover their deeper selves and the true purpose of their lives.                                                

We provide spaces where:

  • Men can realise their innate need and longing for the support and nurture of other men
  • Men can share their emotions openly
  • Men can be vulnerable without being judged or shamed
  • Men can let go of those patterns and beliefs which no longer serve them

We seek to engender a generation of Men, who will act, As Learners and Elders [MALE’s] in their life roles. We welcome all men without regard to age, ethnicity, background, sexual orientation, status or creed. We aim to be inclusive; we are open to men of all faiths and none. We respect the individual beliefs of all men.

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The Elder Council is a group of Initiated men or Stokers chosen at the annual Mórdháil (Gathering) to oversee the running of the organisation through the establishment of Local Groups and the promotion and organisation of the Men’s RITEs of Passage (MROP). The Elder Council meets once a month to reflect on the vitality and the governance of the organisation. It provides appropriate support, encouragement and mentoring to men in their search to live authentic lives in the service of their fellow human beings. We reclaim the spiritual initiation of men through experiential journeying into the True Self, creating a tradition for future generations.

Paul - Convener

RITEs: Kiltegan, Co Wicklow -2012

The Convener represents the Organisation in Ireland and internationally. With a heart for the male spiritual journey, he guides the ongoing work of M.A.L.Es. He may be required to travel to meetings in Europe and from time to time, to the USA and to participate in a monthly conference call with the international council of elders.

Kevin - Communication Stoker

RITEs: Kiltegan, Co Wicklow - 2012

As Communications Stoker he is responsible for maintaining databases and website. He deals with all correspondence. He oversees the organisations publicity and advertising needs. He is the Editor of our monthly newsletter An Turas. Kevin is the 2021 RITEs Convener.

Mark - Ritual Stoker

RITEs: Kiltegan, Co Wicklow - 2019

The Ritual Stoker organises MROP and FIRming rituals. He keeps a database of rituals and a store of ritual material. Working in one of the areas under constant development, the ritual elder keeps in touch with other ritual elders from around the world.

Gerry - Financial Stoker

RITEs: Kiltegan, Co Wicklow - 2012

The financial Stoker manages the bank account and keeps financial records and arranges the annual audit and presentation of accounts to the Elder Council and at the Mórdháil (Gathering). He is also involved with fundraising ideas and liaises with other interested agencies.

Darra - Logistics Stoker

Rites: Kiltegan, Co Wicklow - 2019

He plans the logistics for all events, including MROP, FIRming and workshops. He is in charge of bookings, site surveys, on-site management, accommodation, catering and public address. He is responsible for the Ritual material supports for the RITEs

Martin - Network Stoker

Rites: Kiltegan, Co Wicklow - 2012

The Network Stoker maintains contact with men's groups nationally. He arranges help, support and teachings for men's groups as required and makes information on activities available generally. He seeks to support the establishment of local groups nationwide. Martin was the Convener of the 2019 RITEs.

A young man who cannot cry is a savage
An old man who cannot laugh is a fool

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